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Exploring TOVSTO Aegean Consumer Grade Drone In Mass Product

News 2016-07-30

    As CHTF 2015 came to an end, Shenzhen TOVSTO Technology Co.,Ltd became a new star in UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) industrial from an unknown company. During the Fair, Many media including  Shenzhen City Channel, Shenzhen Financial Channel and Shenzhen Economic Daily reported TOVSTO at the same time. What business do TOVSTO do? How can TOVSTO be a star at one day?  We came to TOVSTO headquarters Bao’an Shenzhen with doubts, and find the answers.
Dream corridor of crazy people
        Nobody would like to call himself“ Mad man”, However, when the interviewer entered the building of TOVSTO, he was totally attracted by the posters on the wall . Various novel signs caught his eyes : “Be careful, a crowd of crazy people are making dreams in front”, ”They are down with rare ‘insane drones’, which could not be cured yet”...... In General Manager's office, the nameplate clearly says“Dean of madhouse”.     

All the members friendly call this unusual corridor as Dream corridor of crazy people. “How can we survive in the field of UAV drones without crazy spirit?” The general manager Zhuyu of TOVSTO responded in a low voice, but with numerous self-confidence and determination. 


Production line decoding, Aegean UAV is under mass production!  
It does not make any sense to ordinary consumers whether UAV in mass production or not. In UAV industry, mass production or not make big sense.

(Semi-finished product)

TOVSTO has a large number of testing people, it is more than one hundred. They have to take turns to test the drones to meet the need of the large shipments. It is still very hot in Shenzhen, even it is November. The staff  have to wear the sunhat and sunglasses to figure out where the drones arein the open terrace. Even with sweat and exposure under the blazing sun, they still wear big smiles because they love the drones.

  Under their control, the drones are in order, up and down. They are so young , so they are wildly imaginative. They posed a figure of step ladder to show that TOVSTO Technology is getting better and better.”TOVSTO has set sail!”the  general manager said with reserved smile.

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